Matt Wetmore

About this website

This website was created using next.js. The previous iteration of the site was built with Hakyll as an exercise in building something with Haskell in 2015. Ultimately I decided to rewrite the site with next.js as a way to learn something new, and because javascript has a richer ecosystem of libraries to lean upon when making the website the way I would like it to be.

The header uses the font Playfair Display, using the small capitals variation, and the rest of the text on the website is typeset with Sorts Mill Goudy. Sorts Mill Goudy was chosen back in 2015, but I updated the header from Nevis because the angular style no longer appealed to me.

The typography on this website is based on a tritonic scale; the base font size f0f_0 is 1818pt, and every other font size on this website is a multiple of this base – f02i3f_0 2^{\frac{i}{3}} for some integer ii. I chose this scale for its simplicity.

Latex support is provided by KaTeX and markdown is parsed with markdown-it.

The bird image was pulled from this clipart. I chose the bird because I’ve always daydreamed of soaring above the clouds and been fascinated by flocks of birds.