Matt Wetmore


I always appreciate when people have a fairly detailed “about me” page on their personal website, but now that I have one I’m not sure what else to write about besides my job and my education. I am a newly-minted software engineer for Google in New York City, working on interactive search features (specifically, the little box that pops up when you search for movie-related queries on a mobile device). I interned on the same team in the summer of 2014, and I love working with such smart and kind people. For more information about my background as a developer, please see my github account or my CV.

Before I turned myself over to the corporate machine, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University, which was a wonderful excuse to live in Montreal for 5 years. Living in Montreal shaped me into the person I am today, and I will forever love that city for it. While I started university with the intention of leaving as a developer (which is what ended up happening), I fell in love with math in my third year of school and switched into the Math/CS major starting in my fourth. While my main mathematical interests lie in within the intersection of math and computer science, the general clarity of thought and beauty of argumentation present in mathematics make me eager to study many different subfields.

In life I appreciate a healthy mix of formalism, aesthetics and intuition; above all else I love the feeling of understanding how something works, and I hope I can convey this in some of my posts.

If you would like to reach me, shoot me an email at [last name]